How To Apply for A Family Visa in UAE

How To Apply for A Family Visa in UAE

It is a valid visa for family members. UAE Family Visa is valid for one, two or three years. It’s one of the simplest visas you can obtain in within the Emirates by securing sponsorship. If you’re planning you to get a family-friendly visa in the UAE We have all-authentic information to help you.

To obtain the visa, your family member has to apply for an entry permit on your behalf.


Once you’ve been granted your visa, arrange your flights for travel in the UAE. After arrival your sponsor will help you with the process of completing your family visa at the closest GDRFA office.


The process typically takes between 10 and fifteen working days if your eligibility requirements and do not have any additional prerequisites.

Documents Needed For a Family Visa to be Granted in UAE


If you are applying for a family visa to the United Arab Emirates, make sure that you have these documents for the sponsor:


Duplicates of your passport and your residence visa

Photographic copies of the bio-data pages of the member(s) of the family member(s) the visa. Each passport must remain valid at minimum the next six months.

Four passport-sized photos for the person you’re sponsoring on white backgrounds.

Emirates ID card

Evidence of insurance coverage

Original copy of your labor contract or employment contract

Ejari or registered tenancy contracts from your UAE residence

Original pay stub from your employer that reveals the amount you earn. If you are employed in the free zone sector, provide a letter (in Arabic) from the authority responsible for free zones.

Original marriage certificate certified from an official from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an UAE representative in the foreign country of your country of origin. Translation into Arabic is required.

Recent utility bills that you paid in your name

A medical certificate that proves the medical condition of family members over 18 years old.


If you make sure that you have all the documents in order to go, you’ll be prepared for the application for family visas which will make it easier and faster.


Family Visa Price in UAE


Before you can apply for the visa of your family member’s travel to the United Arab Emirates, there are certain salary requirements must be met based on your relationship with the person who is sponsoring.


If you’re a spouse who sponsors your wife’s visa, then your monthly income must be at minimum AED 3000, plus accommodation or AED 4000 per month.


However in the event that you’re married and who is sponsoring your husband’s visa you must make a greater income or AED 10,000 per month or AED 8,000 a month with accommodation.


For parents who sponsor their parents visa, the salary requirement is much more hefty, at AED 220,000.


A UAE Family Visa allows you to sponsor a variety of family members, like your parents, spouse dependent children, stepchildren to be able to reside within the United Arab Emirates.


The process of applying in this case is simple, and gives you an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your family members and enjoy time with your family members living in the UAE.


Price Of Flight To UAE


The costs for flights to the UAE are subject to change depending on a variety of variables like destination of departure, time of booking, flight class, airline selection and the seasonal demand.


A round-trip economy class trip from major hubs in the world to the UAE will cost between $500 and $1,500 or more.


From the most popular destinations such as New York, London, or Sydney The cost of flights might be on the upper end because of the distances.


On the other hand flights from countries that are located within the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent may be cheaper.


It’s recommended to book flights in advance to ensure better rates and to avoid price hikes last-minute.


Also, think about flexible travel dates as travelling during off-peak season could help you save money.


Premium services such as first and business class come with higher prices which range from $2,000 up to $8,000 or more dependent on the airline and the specific services that are offered.


Remember that prices change, so it’s important to keep track of various travel companies and airlines for the most competitive prices.


Since the price of travel in time It is recommended to look up current rates prior to the time you’re planning to travel to ensure you have the most accurate and current information.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need a marriage certificate to obtain family-based visas?


Certainly! If you want to sponsor your spouse for an individual visa to the UAE You will need to provide the original marriage certificate.


It’s essential that this document is authenticated in your home country and also by authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.


This process of attestation is crucial because it confirms your marital status and also the relationship you have with your spouse, whom is planning to accompany you to the United Arab Emirates.


Note that the marriage certificate can only valid in Arabic and if the certificate is in another language, you need to translate it in order to satisfy the visa application prerequisites.


This ensures that all documents are in order. It also helps in obtaining the family visa for your spouse.




If you are planning to get a family-based visa in the United Arab Emirates, make sure you have the required documents.


This UAE Family Visa is valid for one, two or three years. It’s one of the simplest visas available in within the Emirates through sponsorship.


To obtain the visa, your family member has to request an admission permit on your behalf. after it’s approved you are able to visit the UAE.


After your arrival Your sponsor will help you with filling out the family visa at the closest GDRFA office.


The processing time generally takes between 10 and 15 working days if your meet eligibility requirements and meet any other prerequisites.


In order to apply for visas You’ll need a number of documents, including copies of your passport and residence visas, copies of the members of your family member(s) the bio data pages for your visa, passport-sized photos on white backgrounds, Emirates ID card, documents proving insurance coverage, a labor or employment contract Ejari or tenancy contract the salary certificate, a wedding certificate translated into Arabic utility bills and medical certificates for family members who are over 18 years old.


If you’re sponsoring your spouse, make sure that your monthly income is within the threshold that is required, which differs based on gender of the person who is sponsoring.


The process of applying for a visa can be a breeze, and gives you the possibility of reuniting with family members from the UAE.


Be aware that your marriage certificate must be certified in your home country, and attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then translated into Arabic If it’s in a different language.


By following these steps and having all your necessary documents to hand, you will improve your chances of getting a successful family visa and spend quality time with your family and friends throughout the United Arab Emirates.

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