If you’ve been searching to find the ideal location for your next vacation or family vacation, I have an idea for you.

Are you aware that Nigeria is blessed with many tourist attractions and destinations where you can take a trip and you’ll not even know that you’re still in Nigeria.


In this post, we’ll present to you the most beautiful places to visit for a vacation with your family, partner or on your own.


4 Best Locations For Vacation in Nigeria


I’ve personally visited several places I think are top notch places to go if you are looking for an unforgettable holiday.


So, without wasting time Here are the top four destinations for a vacation in Nigeria.


1. Obudu Mountain Resort


In secondary school my school organized an excursion, and we were required to visit the obudu cattle ranch, as it was known informally as.


My first time going on an unplanned vacation, however, I can assure that it was well worth it.


I can’t even remember that when I was in Nigeria The beauty of Nigeria is stunning and the weather is quite distinct, the surroundings are excellent and extremely calm.


We stayed for 3 days on the mountain and had lots of fun exploring the falls, the fire pit as well as the cable ride.


Another advantage of these rooms is the size. There are standard room big enough to accommodate at the very least 4 people.


What you won’t get in the area is the air conditioner, as it is cold enough.


What You Need To Know about Obudu Mountain Resort


Obudu Mountain Resort, previously known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, is an amazing tourist destination in Nigeria. It’s situated at the Obudu Plateau near the Cameroon border in Cross Rivers State.


The resort is a favorite for tourists. It offers the perfect atmosphere, with the combination of cold and warm weather. The rooms range from chalets all the way to presidential suites. The ideal time for a visit falls between the months of October and February, when the skies are bright while the weather is cool.


This hotel in the Obudu Plateau has a history which dates back to 1949, when the late Mr. Caughley, a Scottish rancher, explored the mountains.


He stayed at the top of the mountain for a month before he came back with. Hugh Jones, another rancher, in the year 1951. The resort was established in 1951 by the the Mr. Hugh Jones and Dr. Crawfield that same year.


The resort today is so well-developed that you could stay there and not realize that you’re in Nigeria the way I did when I thought that I’m in Nigeria.


The town is extremely peaceful and at dawn you can hear the birds singing songs and the weather is warm in the morning, but warm in the afternoon.


If you’ve been looking for information or are looking for the best place you can go for a holidays with your loved ones, friends or by yourself, obudu Mountain Resort is the perfect choice.


The things you’ll from your stay in the area are:


Enjoy a ride on the cable car that will transport you around the mountain for around 25 minutes. The cable car as a piece de resistance has been deemed as being the most long cable car that exists in Africa.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities you can take part in during your stay such as hiking, swimming on the waterfall’s edge, golfing or even riding horses.

Another thing to do is try their food. This is an aspect that I do not like about Obudu. They serve delicious and tasty food that is absolutely delicious.

A visit to Obudu’s bird sanctuary gives you the chance to view more than 250 birds there, and a variety of species, and all beautiful

Did I mention the bridge that is a canopy? We can’t discuss Obudu without talking about it. A canopy walkway is 100m swinging bridge that is located 70 meters above the floor of the forest in Obudu Mountain Resort. It gives you the chance to take in the stunning views of the forest, and although it isn’t easy to climb however, it’s also a lot of fun and thrilling.


In November, the Obudu Mountain Resort typically hosts an annual mountain race that is rewarded to the top finishers with cash prizes and you can attend the race.


Another thing to consider about this hotel is that the cost for certain activities is not expensive.


For example, if you want to traverse through the farm, it would cost you 200 naira. If you wish to speak about the canopy bridge, it would cost you 300 naira or more.


2. Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort


The other place I’ve been to as a tourist was the Tinapa Leisure and business resort in Calabar. I am able to assure you that it’s one of the most beautiful places to stay or go on holiday.


If you’ve always wanted to live at the water’s edge, or to experience the excitement of staying on the water’s edge hotel, there are several hotels near the lake that are high enough to offer an excellent picture of Lake.


What You Need to Be aware of Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort


Tinapa The Tinapa Free Trade Zone as well as Resort can be a wonderful area in Nigeria where you can conduct business and unwind. It’s situated near a river. was founded by a former Governor named Donald Duke. It was first used in 2007.


The resort was created as a result of a partnership that was formed between the federal government as well as a private company. It’s located near a different area known as Calabar Free Trade Zone.


At the time of its beginning, the government thought to transform the area into a project that could generate revenue.


The project cost more than 350 million dollars prior to it was completed, and it was launched officially in 2007.


The place today is one of the most ideal spots to enjoy the most enjoyable time.


There is always a lot of fun to be had. full therefore, to enjoy the excitement early, it’s best to get going early.


There are plenty of exciting things to do experience when you finally make it to tinapa such as;


It is possible to visit nollywood and Tinapa films. Nollywood is a well-established film studio that handles film production and post production for international and domestic films.

Water parks are one of the places you shouldn’t avoid.

After you have seen the nollywood you must visit the water park. Here you will find water slides, lazy rivers slides games, wave water, etc. To enter the river, you’ll be required to pay the amount of 1,000 naira.

In the arcade there are various games like The Ocean Bomber ball game and ice hockey, etc.

It’s impossible to complete your journey without visiting the entertainment strip in which you can play the casino or watch your favorite movie at the Big Cinema.


Tinapa is easy to locate since it’s situated right in the northern part of Calabar. It is also the best time you’ve ever had, just like me.


3. La Campagne Tropicana


If there’s one thing that these establishments have that you will notice, it is the strict security. They’ll always tell that your safety is top of the list and they will stick the word they say.


La campagne Tropicana is located in lekki, Lagos State.


The location is a distinct combination of nature, such as an easy-to-access lake, a clean Mangrove forests, an open grassy areas and a large sandy beach as well as the warm Atlantic ocean.


The hotel is very beautiful and has lots to do. They will also ensure that you are safe by providing security throughout the time as we’ve previously stated.


Things To Know About La Campagne Tropicana


When I heard about the Campagne Tropicana I contacted my friends for the exact location and was told that it’s in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a group of friends and I decided to take a little time out. We set off from lekki phase 1, and it took us about 30 minutes to reach the tropicalana.


When we arrived at the entrance we noticed the tight security, however before arriving at the entrance we took a straight expressway, before turning turns towards Lagos Free Trade Zone. Lagos Free Trade Zone then passing by the huge Dangote Refinery.


The moment we arrived the car was checked to make sure we were clean and not a target within the property.


After arriving at the location we checked in to the hotel room, which was huge clean and nicely furnished.


In the evening we made a decision to know about the background of this wonderful hotel, so the owner needed deliver us a brief talk.


We discovered that the beach is privately owned and has approximately 600 palm trees in the area. They provide comfort for their guests with the possibility of a beach to enjoy fun time.


Over time, Tropicana has grown to be among the top places to go on holidays within Nigeria as well as Africa.


There are many activities you can take part in when you reach tropicana, and we have experienced a few of these experiences;


Horse riding was the very initial thing that I tried before we began our enjoyable time perhaps because I’ve always wanted to try it, but it was fun.

For football enthusiasts there’s a soccer field that you can play with others to take part in

Board games and swimming are everywhere

You can relax on the mini beach

You could also visit the spa, go to films, visit the gym, etc.


There’s a number of things you can do when you reach Tropicana Check it out and then thank me later.


4. Whispering Palm


I am sure that most of people haven’t heard about this area, but it is among the most beautiful spots that you can go to in Lagos.


This is a place which is completely free of the everyday Lagos tensions and traffic. It is also very peaceful with a view of the water that can help to relax.


Another thing to be aware of is their hotel rooms. It’s very comfy with prices that range from 20,000 Naira (30$) up to 60,000 (55$).


What You Should Know About Whispering Palm


It is owned by a private company and has been operating for over ten years. The location is inside Badagry Lagos state.


Opting for water transport is the best method to get to Whispering Palms. The road system between Lagos as well as Badagry is in bad condition and can be both slow and costly in terms of dollars.


It is easy to use the well-known banana boats which depart at Ebute Iro or Ebute Iro or the Lagos Ferry station located at CMS.


The cost of an immediate trip ranges from N2000 to N2500 depending on your preference of station and day during the week. Ebute Iro station operates from Monday to Saturday, except Sundays. However CMS Ferry station is open from Monday to Saturday. CMS Ferry station is open all week long between 6 am and 6 pm.


Things To Do in Whispering Palm


There is a lot you can do when you reach Whispering Palm and there are;


Table tennis was among my most loved sports when I was young as well. Going to Whispering Palms brought memories of that experience and I enjoyed playing it once more So, you too can play tennis with pleasure.

You can do horse write

You can also enjoy a paddle on a boat or take an excursion on a bicycle

There is a pool, which is free to anyone

A mini golf course for those who love golf and other sports.



The four destinations we’ve included in this article are the best places to visit in Nigeria for your next vacation. you’ll get value for your money.


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s a unique location to be found in Nigeria?


There are many, but we’ve listed four we believe that you should look into.




Nigeria provides a wide range of destinations for vacation. From the breathtaking Whispering Palm in Lagos as well as Tinapa, the Tinapa of Calabar and the stunning landscapes in the Obudu Cattle Ranch, and the extraordinary Tropicana and Tropicana, there’s plenty for everyone to take in. No matter if you’re looking for peace or adventure, or even culture, the four locations we’ve included in this article show the beauty and diversity Nigeria offers.4 Best Locations For Vacation in Nigeria

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