The MasterCard Foundation is in collaboration with the US International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) to offer a scholarships through the Scholarship Awards Program for eligible and suitable students to apply for The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program for undergraduate students.

Description of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Awards Program

The MasterCard Foundation has worked with the US International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) to develop their world-wide Scholars Program. This program will give students with academic excellence of Africa with the chance to study at top universities regardless of gender, socioeconomic displacement, handicap, or other obstacles.


The MasterCard Foundation Program at USIU-Africa will provide full tuition scholarships to gifted Africans who are pursuing their very first bachelor’s degree. The scholars will be expected to be the catalyst for change in their communities, and help to contribute to the development of the continent following their studies. They are equipped with international recognition and relevant qualifications.

Eligibility for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Awards Program

Ages between 29 and 29 old and falling into one of the following categories are eligible for:


1. Young women

2. Young men

3. Youth and refugees

4. Children with disabilities

Be aware that young women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students should possess the following characteristics:

Academic Talent

They should be enthusiastic about education and have the desire to continue their education. They must meet the admissions requirements as stipulated by the Kenya Commission for University Education or the equivalent.

2. Dedication to Giving Back

The applicants must show a dedication to improve their communities by the past and/or previous engagements in community outreach programs.

3. Leadership Potentials

Students need to demonstrate the desire to be change agents, role models and mentors who believe in the principles of ethical leadership.

You must be keen on, and meet USIU-Africa’s admissions requirements and academic requirements to be able to pursue one of the undergrad degree programmes that are part of The Scholars Program at USIU-Africa as in the following order:

School of Science of Technology (SST)-Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology;

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SPHS)-Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics;

School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts (SCCCA)-Bachelor of Arts in Animation, Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Directing;

Chandaria School of Business (CSOB)-Bachelor of Science in Finance, Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Accounting;

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)-Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

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What you need to know about scholarships

A scholarship is a grant of financial aid for students who wish to pursue their education in an elementary or secondary school, or at a public or private post-secondary institution or university, or any other academic institution.

They are based on various conditions like excellence in academics, a diversity of thought and athletic ability financial need, and other things. or a combination of these.

The various scholarships you need to be aware of


The most sought-after merit-based scholarships, offered by private companies or directly by the college of the student’s choice, reward academic achievements or top scores on tests that are standardized.

The majority of these merit-based scholarships are awarded directly by the school the student is attending instead of being issued directly to students.

Need Based:

Some need-based private grants are often referred to as grants, and are contingent on the results of an FAFSA (the Family’s EFC). But, they are usually merit-based, whereas grants are usually based on need.


These are scholarships that applicants are initially eligible by race, gender or religion, family history and medical history or other factors that are specific to students. Minority scholarships are among the most popular award in this category.

Career Specific:

These are university or college awards students who are planning to pursue a specific area of study. Most often, they are the most generous prizes are given to students who want to pursue jobs in highly-demanding fields such as nursing or education.


The college-specific scholarships are provided by universities and colleges to applicants who are highly qualified. They award these scholarships according to academic and personal achievements. Some scholarships come with an “bond” condition.

They could require the recipients of the scholarship to join a specific employer for a specific period of time, or be employed in remote or rural regions; or they could be required to pay back the amount they received through the grant.


Students who have a unique ability in a particular sport. Most often, this is to ensure that the athlete will be capable of attending the school or university and play the sport with their team. However, in certain countries, government-funded sports scholarships are offered and allow scholarship recipients to prepare for international competition.

Brand Scholarship

The scholarships are provided by a business which is seeking to draw recognition for their brand or to promote a cause. These scholarships can be called brand-named scholarships. For instance, the Miss America beauty pageant is an example of a brand’s scholarship.

Creative Contest Scholarship

The scholarships are awarded to students who submit an original application.

Contest scholarships can also be referred to as mini projects based scholarships which allow students to submit their entries based on distinctive and original concepts.

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MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Awards Program

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Awards Program

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