If you are planning to relocate out of Nigeria take into consideration some important factors when choosing a new place to settle, including the safety of your home, living expenses as well as the process of getting visas and residence permits.


For a more comfortable start to your new life in the foreign country, you need to find countries that have favorable conditions and guidelines for newcomers.


Things to Consider prior to Moving to another country


A few of the most important factors to consider when selecting the destination you will be looking at are:


Visa Requirements


Before you begin planning your move abroad and deciding on the most suitable country is crucial to determine your motives for moving.


This will assist you in determining the right type of Visa required to reside in the country. It is based on whether the reason is for study or work and research, the Visa category will be different.


Every purpose for travel has specific qualifications for travel. If this all seems overwhelming, think about seeking help from experts in travel.


They will help you choose the best country for you and then prepare your Visa application, and guide throughout the whole process from application to finalization.


On the other hand take note that different nations have strict policies on immigration particularly in the developed countries which could make getting Visas and residency permits difficult.


It’s crucial to be ready for the needs of each nation you’re thinking of changing to. Make sure you carefully study the rules and regulations regarding immigration on the Embassy websites of the countries you’re considering.


The cost of living


You can quickly identify this making use of online databases that record details from people living in different countries. They cover expenses like tuition, housing, bills as well as food.


Recent research suggests that Nordic countries such as Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland have the highest price to live in Europe.


For example In Switzerland renting a three-bedroom home could cost as high as 11,000 euros per month and in Romania housing costs are just a fifth of that amount.


Within the Americas, Bermuda stands out as the most expensive with rents ranging from to 6000 dollars per month however, in Canada the rent cost is just half of the cost.




When you move abroad, consider security and safety for your personal belongings as well as yourself. Beware of moving into countries with constant international conflict or where safety for the community isn’t well-known.


In the context of global peace, Iceland was consistently considered the most secure nation for the last 10 years and an hour. This is due to the low rate of crime and its reliable security measures and a favorable structure of salaries.


In addition to Iceland, New Zealand is listed as the 2nd safest country and is followed by Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada that are ranked 10th in terms of security.


Quality of Life


Prior to moving to a brand new country, it’s important to take into consideration the satisfaction and happiness of its inhabitants.


Examine the utility quality and the quality of life. Also, look at how the country complies with the rights of its citizens and how the policies of the government affect citizens.


Based on the annual World Happiness Report by the United Nations, countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula consistently rank among the top 10 countries that have the highest standard of living.


Finland is the top position, while other popular immigration destinations such as Germany as well as Canada are placed 14th and 15th respectively.


One disadvantage of moving from Scandinavian states is that there’s the difficulty of getting Visas. Visa.


For instance, in Sweden you must have a minimum of 20,000 dollars in your name in order to qualify to get the Visa which is quite a large sum of money.




When choosing a destination to move to it is important to think about the language that is spoken in the country.


If you’re an English speaker, it’s important to select a place in which the locals speak English or are willing to learn their local dialect.


This will let you be more productive in your business, and also engage with the people in your local community more efficiently which will make your daily interactions more enjoyable and satisfying.


Working Eligibility


Achieving the Visa to reside in a specific country does not necessarily guarantee you the right to work in the country. Different kinds of Visas might have different restrictions on work.


For instance, if you have an student Visa in a country such as the UK and the United States, the number of working hours could be limited.


In a few different countries, it is possible that you could require an Social Insurance Number before you are allowed to work.


It’s essential that you are aware of the rules and rules prior to deciding whether you want to start working in your new location.




The degree of friendly and warm attitude of the people living there is an important factor to consider when choosing an area to settle in. Portugal is ranked as the most friendly nation worldwide by InterNations, whereas countries like Austria as well as Kuwait are thought to be the least welcoming.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Top countries to move to?


Based on ratings, Taiwan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, and Portugal are deemed to be the top five destinations to live for immigrants.


The countries of these are famous for their outstanding quality of life, well-developed infrastructure, and a wealth of recreation facilities, in addition to other attractive features.


Which Country Grants Citizenships Easily?


According to InterNations the countries like Austria and Kuwait have not got the most accommodating policies regarding immigrants, but they do occasionally issue residence permits to those with wealth.


Which is the Cheapest English-Speaking Country Abroad?


Some of the most affordable English-speaking countries to reside in included




South Africa




It is important to note that the economic environment and costs for living may alter over time It is therefore essential to study the current costs for living within these nations prior to making any decision. Furthermore the cost of living may differ between countries therefore it’s crucial to think about particular cities or regions within them.




If you are considering moving to a different country there are many important aspects to consider.


They include expenses for living security and safety as well as the language spoken, employment opportunities available as well as immigration policies. the hospitality of the locals toward foreigners.


Countries such as Taiwan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, and Portugal are rated highly in their appeal to foreigners because of their high standards of living, well-constructed infrastructure, and recreation facilities.


However, personal preferences and circumstances can differ Therefore, thorough investigation and careful evaluation are crucial in order to make the best choice to suit your specific situation.

Things To Consider before Moving Abroad

Things To Consider before Moving Abroad

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