The AAHMP International Physician Scholarship Awards were created to make it easy to access high-quality education for doctors that are from low or middle-income countries (as stated by World Bank) to attend and participate in Annual Assembly. Annual Assembly.

This scholarship program grants an amount of financial aid (up of $5,000) for scholarship recipients to help cover the costs that come to attending an Annual Assembly registration as well as travel expenses like the cost of airfare, taxi fares food, lodging, and meals. In the Annual Assembly, scholarship beneficiaries can access the most recent clinical information as well as research news on palliative and hospice care from top experts in the field.

Eligibility Criteria for the AAHPM International Physicians Scholarship Awards for Developing Countries

These scholarships are open to physicians who practice hospice and palliative medicine, and who care for patients who are seriously ill. Physicians who qualify must live permanently in low or middle income countries, as outlined by World Bank. We believe that those who receive the scholarship will use the knowledge gained during attending the Annual Assembly to improve the services offered to patients in their country of residence.

The consideration will be given to applicants who meet these requirements:

  • If you haven’t previously attended the Annual Assembly
  • A young professional with a minimum of 2-10 years experience in primarily palliative care such as an associate or resident who is primarily interested in studying palliative care as well as
  • Organizations that are deemed to be the least able to finance this chance

Application Procedure for the Scholarship Programme

There is no solicitation for applications to this International Physician Scholarship. In light of COVID-19 as well as the postponement of the Annual Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Care We will be moving 2020 recipients of the scholarship to the conference.

Official Website

Important Notice

The winners will be required to provide a written report that outlines how their attendance during the Annual Assembly helped their organization.


Additionally, recipients of scholarships must also secure the appropriate US Visa by December.

Questions? Need help? Contact Allison Lundberg at 847.375.3688 or .

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