Every child is entitled to a good education regardless of disabilities. Thus, Google Lime Scholarships Awards is currently open to interested students who meet the Scholarship specifications. The educational program is available to students throughout the academic year. all students in the category is eligible to apply.

More information about Google Lime Scholarship Awards for students with Disabilities

The Google education as well as the scholarship programs are designed to inspire students to become future technological leaders by removing the barriers that keep them from taking on these careers. In line with our mission to the community, we’ve joined forces in partnership with Lime Connect which is a non-profit organization which assists students with disabilities in their pursuit of the best careers and education to help students from universities with disabilities achieve their academic goals within the field that is computer science. The selected students will receive $10,000 USD (for those who are studying at universities in the US) or 5 000 USD (for those who are studying in Canada) for the academic year.


Eligible Requirements for the Google Lime Scholarship

To be able to apply to be eligible, applicants must

  • Consider themselves to have, or to be suffering from an invisible or visible impairment (see Lime Confect’s method of dealing with the concept of disability in this article)
  • You are currently either an undergraduate student or a graduate student in a university during the duration of
  • Make plans to become full-time students at one of the universities located in either Canada or the United States or Canada for the duration of the academic year.
  • Keep up a high academic performance
  • You can pursue the degree of computer engineering, computer science or an equivalent degree in a closely related field of technology
  • Show leadership qualities and show passion for technology and computer science.

Application Deadline: Varies

To be considered as follows: United States of America and Canada

Go to this Site Officialfor additional information.

Students who are interested should read the website in detail for the latest information on what to do.


Please share this amazing educational opportunity with everyone who you think could benefit from this!

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