The good news is that Harvard Academy Scholars Programs are now accepting applications. Harvard University Scholarships is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. Harvard University Scholarships is offered for postdoctoral research. Postdoctoral Academy Scholars will receive the opportunity to receive a monthly allowance of 67,000dollars. Each year, four to Six Academy Scholars are named for two-year positions. This Academy Scholars Program recognizes and provides scholarships to outstanding scholars at the start of their careers. Their research combines excellence in disciplinary disciplines like the fields of law or social sciences and a mastery of the language, history or culture of countries or regions that are not part of those of the United States or Canada. Academy Scholars must reside in the Boston/Cambridge expanse during the duration of their tenure, excluding travel to research projects that have been approved by the Academy.

The Academy Scholars Program recognizes and recognizes outstanding scholars in the early stages of their careers. They are scholars whose research combines academic excellence in the field of law or social sciences along with an understanding of the languages and culture or values of other countries or areas that are not part of their home country of United States or Canada. Their research may shed light on the complexities of domestic, comparative or transnational questions, whether past or current.

Academy Scholars Academy Scholars represent a select group of people who have a flair for creativity and initiative, as well as being curious and ingenuity who work in other areas or cultures that are not part from the US or Canada can be a basis for exceptional careers at large universities or institutions of international repute.

The scholars expected to serve for two years of postdoctoral residency in The Harvard Academy for foreign and Area Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. They will receive substantial research and financial support to pursue long-term projects of research or acquire additional education in their chosen specialties and areas. They are called the Senior Intellectuals. an illustrious group composed of the most senior Harvard University faculty members, provide mentorship to Academy Scholars to help in achieving their potential as intellectuals.


Deadline: October 01, 2020

Institution(s): Harvard University

Level of Study: Postdoctoral

Learn in Cambridge/Boston, USA.

Courses Offered:

  • Law
  • Social science

Program Period:

3 Years.

Benefits of Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University Scholarships provide the recipient with the benefits as follows:

  • Postdoctoral Academy scholars will receive an annual salary of 67,000dollars.
  • If nominated prior to obtaining the PhD If nominated before earning the PhD, the Scholars receive a yearly amount of 31,000dollars until they receive their PhD.
  • The allowance is augmented by funds for research and conference expenses, researchers assistants as well as health protection.
  • Certain teaching methods are permitted, but is not required.

Eligibility for Harvard University Scholarships

In order to be qualified for Harvard University Scholarships The following points should be taken into consideration:


  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries.
  • The most recent PhD (or equivalent professional school diploma) students and applicants for doctoral degrees in the fields of social sciences and law.
  • People who are still working towards the dream of a PhD should have completed their normal training and proficient in the dissertation writing process prior to applying to be Academy Scholars.
  • If you’ve completed a PhD program and you are applying for a PhD, the PhD completion date must fall within three years from the October 1 deadline for application. If you are who are applying for the October 1st 2020 deadline You must have completed the PhD or equivalent post September 30 the year 2017.

How to Apply for Harvard University Scholarships

Follow the following steps to apply for Harvard School Scholarships at Harvard:

  • Create an user account Here.
  • Fill your data.
  • The following documents are required.
    • A cover letter that briefly outlines the field of study and the country or region of specialization, and the proposed research subject.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) also known as resume; and the list of publications
    • Research proposal (2500 at the most) along with an intelligent set of objectives and plans for research methods and disciplinary projects
    • An official copy of your PhD program transcript
    • Three letters of recommendations
    • The application in all its aspects and all three letters of recommendations are uploaded online in PDF documents.

For more information about Harvard University scholarships, visit the official website:

Harvard Academy Scholars Website

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