Applications are now open to women who are interested and qualified and would like to take part for this year’s Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Grants. This educational opportunity is accessible to women of all ages and is open throughout the academic year 2021/2022.

About Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship Grants 2021/2022

Microsoft recognizes the importance of the importance of diversity in computing. Its Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant aims to boost the number of diverse students pursuing advanced degrees in related fields of computing by offering a research-related funding possibility for PhD students who are underrepresented in computing. This includes students who self-identify as women, African American, Black, Hispanic, Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, LGBTQI+, or a person with a disability.


Eligible Requirements for the Scholarship

    • Microsoft’s goal is to empower everyone and every business around the world to accomplish more. The recipients of grants should embrace this goal and take advantage of opportunities to create diverse and inclusive cultures in their communities.
    • Doctoral students have to be enrolled in a university located in either the United States or Canada.
    • Research proposals must be closely connected to the broad areas of research that are conducted by researchers at Microsoft as outlined on this section. Research tab.
    • The student must have completed the fourth or more years of in a PhD program by March 22nd, 2021, the date for submitting proposals. Students must have begun the process of completing their PhD at the beginning of September or prior to it in order to be considered for consideration in the fourth year of the program, having included transfer, approved leave of absence, etc.
    • PhD students who submit a proposal to receive this award must declare themselves as female, African American, Black, Hispanic, Latinx, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and LGBTQI+ or a person with a disability.
    • PhD students must remain enrolled at their university by the end of 2021 or lose the award. Grants cannot be granted to extend. If you need to take time off for medical or family reasons the grant will accommodate this. If you are unsure if a particular need for time away will affect the award, you can contact us at Microsoft Research Grants ().
  • The award will be paid according to the above description is made directly to the university, and distributed according to the university’s guidelines. Microsoft has the right to decide regarding how the remaining funds will be utilized in the event that the student no longer eligible to receive funds (e.g. when the student withdraws from the program, is graduated or is transferred to another institution).
  • This grant can only be used during the duration of the PhD program. It cannot be used to help in the post-graduation period like an academic postdoc or faculty post. Anyone who is interested in applying for this grant must confirm their PhD program’s start date and year, along with the date they expect to graduate and year.
  • A person who has received the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant subject to disciplinary action for unintentional behaviour, such as but not only discrimination or sexual harassment (including the harassment of sexual nature) or plagiarism could lose their grant.

If you don’t meet the criteria above You may be eligible for different academic programs..

Microsoft actively strives to promote more diversity within our workforce and also in our future pipelines of researchers. We’re always looking for the most innovative and brilliant talent, and we are proud of the individuality of each person. We encourage applicants to be who they are and pursue the things they love.

Application Procedures

Application procedure: Applicants need to apply on this official portal and upload the required documents in order for the application to be accepted. Every student who is interested is advised to apply by the deadline and be informed that priority is given to females only.

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