The IBM Master Fellowship Awards are now open. IBM Masters Fellowship Award is now open. IBM Masters Fellowship Award welcomes applicants for Masters Students globally. Collaboration with the universities, students and faculty is crucial for IBM. Its IBM Masters Fellowship Program advances this collaboration by identifying, and providing support to exceptional Masters Students who want to create a mark in exciting and revolutionary technologies, regardless of their subject of study. Candidates are currently taking part in Master’s Programs in the arts, sciences nursing, business, law and many others with specific focus areas in the following areas of special significance:

Hybrid Cloud Quantum Computing / Quantum Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud / Open Source Technologies
Security / Cyber Security
Data Science


In the initial calendar year for the IBM Masters Fellowship, the program is designed to increase the proportion of underrepresented students of disadvantaged backgrounds in the science-related topics of interest through fostering an array of diverse candidates from historically Black universities and colleges across the United States.

IBM Global University Programs uphold research in innovation, creativity, and the creation of social, scientific and technological partnerships with universities. The award programs are designed to help meet a wide range of university needs. The highly intensely IBM PhD Fellowship Awards provide support for PhD students who have completed the last year during their PhD program. The IBM Masters Fellowship Awards provide financial aid to Masters students, and IBM Academic Awards provide support for students. IBM Academic Awards program provides assistance that ranges from individual faculty members to vast areas of advancing technology and science that are of an important aspect of interest for the university as well as IBM.


It is the IBM PhD Fellowship Awards can be selected by a member of the faculty of the university to acknowledge and encourage exceptional PhD students. These IBM Masters Fellowship Awards are selected by an academic faculty member at an traditionally Black school or university in order to recognize and assist outstanding Masters Students. IBM Academic Awards are picked by IBMers within an effort to work in partnership with faculty, and are ongoing and planned initiatives in universities. These IBM Global University Program Awards improves access to universities to IBM tools for research as well as within the teaching environment. They also offer the IBM PhD Fellowship Awards and the IBM Academic Awards are worldwide programs.

Deadline Selection of the 2021 IBM Masters Fellowship Award program will be accepted up to 23 October 2020.


Field of Study: Technologies

Level of Study: Masters

Institution: IBM

Country: USA

Benefits of IBM Masters Fellowship Award

  • US awards for country $10,000 in a single award year

Eligibility for IBM Masters Fellowship Award

  • Students are chosen by one of the faculty members and be full-time students in the Masters program.
  • Candidates must have at least six months remaining in their graduate programs prior to the date of their nomination.
  • The recipients of the award will be chosen by their potential to be outstanding, the extent in which their interests align with the interests of IBM as well as their academic performance to date and as evidenced by the permissions from their faculty advisor and department head.
  • Fellows who receive a similar fellowship from a different company or institution (does not include academic scholarships) within the same IBM supported academic period could not be eligible to receive the IBM Masters Fellowship.
  • The email addresses of the school’s credential must be filled in on the application form.

How to Apply for IBM Masters Fellowship Award

All nominated candidates to be considered for IBM Masters Fellowship must be submitted electronically via the Web using a standard form in order to allow for an open and uniform contest.

In order to be considered for IBM Masters Fellowship Award awards Professors from historically Black universities and colleges in the United States, submit nominations in response to published, solicited announcements of programs. The eligibility requirements and the purpose of each competition are listed in the invitation and award announcements; professors submit nominations to published, solicited announcements about the program.

Visit this page for additional information on HTML0 and how to apply to be considered for the IBM Masters Fellowship Award.

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