As an Taxi driver As a Taxi Driver, you’ll be accountable for providing the transportation of passengers effectively and safely taking them to their preferred destinations. Your job entails providing excellent customer service and adhering to traffic regulations as well as maintaining the cleanliness and maintenance on the vehicle.

Information about the job

  • Location: 140 Industrial Rd Steinbach, MBR5G 0Z1
  • Payscale: 14.15 hourly / 40 hours per week
  • Conditions of Employment Employment for life full time Day Evening Morning
  • Date of start begins as soon as is possible
  • Vacancies 5
  • Verified





  • Secondary (high) school certificate of graduation


1 – 7 month-olds and less



Setting up work

  • Many places


  1. Transfer of Passengers Transfer passengers at designated points and transfer them to their desired destinations.
  2. Customer Services: Provide courteous and helpful customer service. Helping passengers in the loading of and removing luggage as well as ensuring their comfort during their travel.
  3. Safety Driving Use the vehicle in an safe and responsibly manner, while adhering to the traffic rules and regulations for the protection of your passengers as well as the other motorists.
  4. Routing Optimization Make use of navigational tools like GPS devices or apps for smartphones, to determine optimal and effective routes to destinations for passengers.
  5. Fare Collection Control fare collection, and manage payment transactions with passengers offering exact cash and receipts when required.
  6. Maintenance of the Vehicle: Regularly inspect and maintain your taxi, making sure that it’s in good condition and tidy for every passenger.
  7. Compliance with regulations: Comply with local and state regulations for taxi drivers including licensing requirements as well as any rules specific to your taxi business.
  8. Communication Keep in contact with taxi dispatchers and inform them of the status of the rides, their availability and delays that could occur.
  9. customer feedback: Listen to customer reviews and feedback, taking note of any suggestions or issues to improve the service.
  10. Professionalism Make sure you have a well-groomed and professionally dressed look while representing the taxi service to its passengers.


  1. A valid driver’s license as well as an unblemished driving record.
  2. Experience with specific traffic regulations in the area, roads and routes within the region of operation.
  3. Excellent driving skills and the ability to deal with different weather and road conditions.
  4. A strong customer service experience and the ability to communicate with travelers in a warm as well as professional way.
  5. Experience with navigation tools, like GPS devices or apps for smartphones, to determine the best routes.
  6. Physical strength to be able to sit for prolonged periods of time and operate a vehicle during long shifts.
  7. Flexibility to work shifts of various times such as weekends, evenings and holidays, based on the demands of taxi services.
  8. Excellent organizational in addition to time management skills that allow you to stick to drop-off and pickup times.
  9. Ability to work in a team as part of the taxi drivers’ team and dispatchers to make sure that the operation is efficient.


  • Make small repairs to the vehicle
  • Transfer passengers to the airport and drive them to their destinations
  • Assist passengers with luggage on the way to the boarding vehicle
  • Get your car serviced
  • Take fare
  • Assist guests and clients with particular requirements
  • Record transactions
  • Respond to any complaints or difficulties with passengers


Certificates, licenses, memberships and even courses

  • Province or territorial Commercial Vehicle license (Class 4, E, or)

Additional information

Safety and security

  • Criminal record check
  • Validity check of the driver’s license
  • Drug test for drugs

Transportation/travel information

  • Valid driver’s license

Physical and work conditions

  • A fast-paced, exciting environment
  • Pressured work
  • Attention to detail
  • Sitting

Personal capacity

  • Client interest
  • Flexibility
  • Organized

Who is eligible for this job?

The employer will accept the applications of:



  • Canadian citizens as well as temporarily or permanently resident of Canada.
  • Other applicants with or without an active Canadian Work permit.

How do I apply

By email

taxisteinbach@gmail.comJOB IN CANADATaxi Driver Needed In Canada By Steinbach Taxi

The advertisement was advertised up to


Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help you understand the . Taxi driver.

1. What is a taxi driver supposed to do?

Taxi drivers provide transport services for passengers by picking them up at specified locations and transferring passengers to their destinations quickly and safely.

2. What are the most important duties of the taxi driver?

The primary responsibilities of taxi drivers include:

Conducting the taxi in the most safe and responsible way.
The process involves picking up passengers to drop them off specific places.
Helping passengers carry their luggage and offering courteous customer service.
Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness on the vehicle.
Conforming to traffic rules and regulations.
Management of payment transactions and maintaining precise record of fare.

3. What are the qualifications required to be a taxi driver?

The exact qualifications can differ according to the specific location but, in general, taxi drivers need to:

You must have a valid driver’s license.
Meet minimum age requirements.
Check background checks and pass driving evaluations of your driving record.
Get any necessary training or obtain a taxi driver’s certification within their region.

4. Can being a taxi driver be financially rewarding?

The salary that a taxi driver earns could depend on a variety of the factors that determine it, such as where they live, the hours of work, and demand for taxi service. Although some taxi drivers find the business financially profitable, others have to contend with the challenges when there is a lack of demand.

5. What are taxi driver’s strategies to deal with difficult passengers or other situations?

Taxi drivers are taught to remain professional and calm when faced with difficult situations. They must adhere to safety guidelines and, if required get help from law enforcement authorities or taxi dispatchers.

6. Taxi drivers are obliged to work certain shifts?

Taxi drivers typically have flexibility in their schedules. Some decide to work specific shifts, for example, evening, day, or even on weekends, based on their preference or concentrate on peak demand times.

7. Do taxi drivers utilize instruments for navigation?

Many taxi drivers make use of navigation tools, like GPS devices or apps for smartphones to assist in navigating and finding the most efficient routes to the destinations of passengers.

8. Do taxi drivers respond to reviews and feedback from their customers?

Taxi drivers appreciate feedback from customers and reviews. They make use of this information to improve the quality of their service and address any complaints expressed by passengers.

9. Do taxi drivers have the right to refuse the service of passengers?

Taxi drivers are usually required to provide services to passengers, unless there is a legitimate justification, like safety issues or illegal activity.

10. What makes becoming a taxi driver such a rewarding choice for a career?

Taxi drivers allow individuals to connect with a variety of customers, discover different parts in the cities, as well as feel an independence when controlling their work schedules. Many drivers relish the satisfaction of assisting people get to their destinations in a safe and efficient manner.

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