As Cleaner, you’ll be in charge of keeping a clean, tidy, and hygiene in various settings as well as to ensure that the environment is a safe and comfortable environment for the those who use it. Attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness will create an enjoyable and healthy environment.

Information about the job

  • Location: Fort McMurray, AB
  • Salaries: 18.00 hourly / 30-40 hours per week
  • Conditions for work Employment that is permanent time: Full time
  • Date of start is as fast as is possible
  • Vacancies 1
  • Verified





  • No degree, certificate or diploma


Will you train?


  1. Clean-up tasks: Do a wide range of chores for cleaning such as mopping, dusting, sweeping cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping up surfaces to ensure the cleanliness and order of your the environment.
  2. Cleansing: Ensure thorough sanitization of surfaces with high-touch such as doorknobs handrails, and light switches for a cleaner space.
  3. Waste Removal Sort and discard recyclable materials and trash in the designated containers, following the rules for waste disposal.
  4. Restroom Maintenance Make sure to clean and disinfect the restroom facilities which includes sinks, toilets, and fixtures, in order to keep an hygienic and clean space.
  5. Windows and glass cleaning Clear windows and glass walls and mirrors to ensure that they are free of marks and marks.
  6. Floor care: Clean floors with mopping, or vacuuming. You can also perform regular floor maintenance as required.
  7. Stocking Equipment: Monitor and replenish cleaning products, like soap, paper towels, and trash bags in order to have a constant supply of supplies for cleaning tasks.
  8. Reporting Maintenance Problems: Report any maintenance or repair problems at the proper authority to ensure prompt resolution.
  9. Respect for safety procedures: Use safety procedures and use the appropriate personal protection devices (PPE) when working with chemicals for cleaning or cleaning equipment.
  10. Customer service: Interact professionally and professionally with the building’s inhabitants and respond to their questions as well as maintaining positive relationship.


  1. Prior experience in janitorial or cleaning services is helpful, but not necessarily needed.
  2. A keen eye for detail and a commitment to ensuring hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  3. Physical endurance and the capacity to perform repetitive tasks, which includes transporting and lifting cleaning machines as well as items.
  4. Experience with the correct handling and proper disposal of the cleaning products and other equipment.
  5. Basic knowledge of safety rules in addition to the capacity to observe directions regarding the safe handling of cleaning chemicals.
  6. Excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with building residents and supervisors.
  7. The ability to manage time effectively and accomplish cleaning tasks in the timeframes specified.
  8. Flexible to work shifts of various times Flexible working hours, including weekends, evenings and holidays, based upon the schedule for cleaning.


  • Wash, sweep, mop and polish floors
  • Furniture that is dusty
  • Carpet, vacuum rugs draperies, and furniture with upholstered cushions
  • Clean and disinfect fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as appliances
  • Cleanse operating rooms as well as other areas
  • Eliminating and cleaning elevators
  • Clean up the garbage and empty trash containers
  • Paint walls, windows and ceilings
  • Showers and changing rooms that are clean.

Who is eligible to apply for this job?

The employer will accept the applications of:

  • Canadian citizens as well as temporary or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Other candidates without or with the required Canadian working permit.

How do I apply

By email

Through post

266 MacKay Crescent Bay 7Fort McMurray, ABT9H 5C6

Cleaner Needed In Canada By Corgan Industrial Ltd

Cleaner Needed In Canada By Corgan Industrial Ltd

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Here are a few frequently asked questions that will help you understand this cleaner:

1. What is a cleaning service?

Cleaners are in charge of ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of various areas. They are responsible for tasks like mopping, dusting, sweeping and making sure surfaces are cleaned and cleaning up trash to keep the cleanliness and hygiene of the area.

2. What are the different kinds of cleaners?

There are a variety of cleaners, such as:

House Cleaners • Clean and organize your areas in your house.
Office Cleaners: Keep clean within office spaces and workplaces.
Janitors are responsible for cleaning and maintenance chores in public facilities such as hospitals, schools, or even the local school.
Industrial Cleaners: Clean and disinfect large industrial buildings.
Specialized Cleaners: Perform jobs like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and post-construction cleaning.

3. Are you physically exhausted from cleaning?

The physical demands of cleaning can make it difficult due to the repetitive nature of cleaning that require lifting and standing for prolonged periods. But, proper training and the use of ergonomic equipment could help to reduce the strain on your body.

4. Are there any particular requirements to be a cleaner?

In most instances, formal education is not required to be an expert cleaner. Basic cleaning abilities and a strong work ethic are usually enough. However, certain employers might prefer applicants with prior cleaning experience or certifications that are relevant.

5. What are the essential characteristics of a good cleaner?

Cleaners who are effective have qualities such as a keen eye for the smallest details, dependability, time management, self-motivation and a sense of accountability for keeping an orderly and safe surroundings.

6. Are you looking for a rewarding job?

For many cleaning can be an exciting career option. It offers stability in the workplace as well as a sense of pride by maintaining cleanliness, as well as the possibility of working in different environments.

7. How can cleaners tackle difficult chores in cleaning?

Expertly trained cleaners tackle difficult tasks by taking a patient and systematic method. They will employ the right cleaning equipment and chemicals to remove difficult stains and grime efficiently.

8. What safety guidelines are cleaners required to follow?

Cleaners are committed to safety by wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling chemicals for cleaning, making sure of that the proper dilution of cleaning chemicals, and observing the guidelines for safety when operating equipment for cleaning.

9. Cleansing can be eco-friendly?

Cleaning can be eco-friendly. Many cleaners employ eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques to reduce the environmental impact and to promote sustainability.

10. Are there any opportunities for advancement opportunities in the field of cleaning services?

There are many opportunities to advance your career in cleaning services. Cleaners with experience and expertise can advance to supervisory positions or even managerial jobs within cleaning firms or facilities management firms.

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