When making a new layout for a house, things often go wrong.
In my work I see a lot of renovation plans passing by.
Sketches and plans for a new layout of the house.
I immediately see whether a home has been tackled by an architect.
Or that residents themselves have devised a new layout with or without a contractor.

Inconvenient spaces, poor transitions between the house and the extension behind it, square meters that are just not used properly.
Often it results in a cluttered home that feels too cramped.
And from which much more quality could have been achieved.
Shame right?

Mistakes for which a better solution can really be found.
Points that strike me again and again.
I share them with you.
So that you can avoid these mistakes when making a new layout for your home.
And you can look for a correct design for your home.

1 – You do not know exactly what your housing needs are

You are only really happy with your renovated house if your home fully meets your expectations.
And meets all your wishes.
Your housing wishes are actually the puzzle pieces with which you will organize your home.

If you are not sure what your wishes are, it will be difficult to make the ideal layout.
How much closet space do you need? What is the optimal size for your kitchen? What is the size of the sofa you have in mind?
If you do not know your wishes, you will never realize a dream house that completely matches what you want.

Realize that you must already have your house fully arranged and furnished on paper.
So that you are not faced with any surprises after your renovation. Because, for example, the sofa does not fit.
Or your storage space is short.

Watch out for that!

2 – You do not have a correct floor plan of your home

The dimensions of your house are extremely important when making a new layout.
Measuring is knowing.
And that is really true!
Some people think that architects can see directly from a house what is possible. And that is partly true.
But only when you know exactly how big your rooms are can you make a correct new layout.
If all your wishes fit on paper (or rather on a map), then you know for sure that you are on the right track!

Moreover, on a map you can see exactly what the relationships between the spaces are.
So that you can also make the best choices here.

3 -There is no line in your new map

A messy floor plan is the basis for a messy house.
Walls that are not aligned with each other. Winding paths through the house. Little nooks, crannies and crazy protrusions.
All kinds of characteristics for an unstructured home.

A messy plan makes for a cluttered house.
Every visitor wants to ‘understand’ a house and be able to orient themselves.
That’s why those winding walls, hallways that shoot in all directions and crazy shapes – they really don’t do your house any good.

Bring peace to your home.
Place straight walls that are aligned with each other. Avoid crazy jumps and clumsy slaloms.
And provide a structured route through your home.

Remember: a structured floor plan looks clean and uncluttered.
And you can really see that once your house has been renovated!

4 – The living spaces are disproportionate

With houses that have had a large extension, you often see that something is not right.
You may be familiar with those houses – a small kitchen crammed into a corner.
Adjacent to a ballroom of a living room.
Where it feels uncomfortable because the resident of craziness does not know how to furnish all those square meters in a cozy way.

The problem: the house is not balanced.
Because the spaces do not match in terms of surface.

Therefore, make sure there is a good relationship between spaces.
Therefore, when puzzling with a new interior, always try to strive for balance.
A large living room requires a spacious kitchen.

The same goes for spaces that are themselves out of proportion.
Too wide for length, too low for size.
They are spaces you don’t feel comfortable in.
Keep that in mind when creating a new layout!

5 – There are bare, unused holes in your house

Many renovators are inclined not to use all square meters in their home.
Furniture is pushed against the walls, the kitchen is skillfully hidden in a corner.
Which sometimes creates huge voids.

Do not drop any unnecessary blanks.
Of course it’s nice if your house also has a little ‘air’.
But too much ‘air’ or empty space creates an uncomfortable feeling.

Also pay extra attention to empty corners.
Corners without function quickly become cluttered.
If you hear yourself thinking ‘then we just put a plant there’ (I hear that very often ;)) then check with yourself whether you can’t give that corner a different interpretation.
Especially if you are not a plant lover.

In short…

Get started with a bright renovated house!
You make a suitable layout for your home on a correct floor plan.
Slide and puzzle with your wishes. To then structure your new layout.

Distribute the functions evenly throughout your home.
See if your spaces are proportionate. And whether they differ too much in size.

Then apply line in the setup.
Walls and walking lines are straight and not tortuous.
So that a clear structure is created.

It takes a bit of puzzling, but it’s worth your house!

And now?

‘Well,’ you may think, ‘I’m really struggling with the new layout of my house!’
‘It’s easy for you to talk, Lisette.
I’ve already looked at all options.
But just really can’t figure it out!’

Do you recognize this?
Then I’d love to help you a huge step further.
If you want of course!

With an online consultation, for example.
The solution to your layout problem without hassle or an expensive architect.

With the advantage…

– You get direct insight into all the possibilities of your home.
– You will see within an hour how you can accommodate all your housing needs.
– You know the advantages and disadvantages of all solutions.
– You can ask all your questions to an architect.
– And gets completely inspired again.
– Your dilemmas are resolved.
– So that you can continue with your renovation plans full of energy.

Do you like that?

Click here to read more and schedule an appointment!

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