3 – use the height

To add even more space, use the entire height of your attic.
So do you have an extra built-in attic?
See if you can involve it in the rest of the room. This way you experience even more space.
Perhaps you can even emphasize the height by installing skylights.

4 –Cluster the functions

You may find it difficult to divide a large open space.
It can quickly become messy if all ‘functions’ are spread over the floor.

Keep it clear by grouping functions that belong together.
Sleeping and the bathroom, a dining table near the kitchen.
This way you create places and you get a clear loft floor.

5 – Smart storage space

It may be that the lack of walls makes it difficult to place cabinets.
But to give the attic space optimal spaciousness, it is nice to keep the middle zone of your floor open.

Use the sloping parts where you cannot stand.
There are quite a few options to be able to lose a lot of storage space at the ‘knee bulkheads’. Think of sliding walls or fitted wardrobes. So that, in addition to an optimally arranged attic, you can also put away quite a bit of clutter.

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