Tip 1

Don’t pin yourself down on Pinterest

You have a load of beautiful image. And you want to put all those fun ideas in your home.
But how?


Use those nice pictures as inspiration, as an example for your living style.
But all those houses that pass by are different from yours.
Bigger, smaller, newer, older.

So take your own house as a starting point and not all those attractive examples!

Tip 2

Work from large (global) to small (detailed)

When making a good layout, it is so important to get started from large to small.
Thinking about everything at once drives you crazy. This way you lose overview.

How can you think about the color of a wall if you don’t even know if that wall still exists in the final plan?

You work in a structured way by making decisions step by step.
First you make a global floor plan and divide the activities in the house over the floor plan.
Then you determine where the walls will be.
Then zoom in on the device.

This way you work towards a detailed design.
And you make decisions in every phase, so that your plan as a whole is correct. And keep your cool.

Tip 3

Limit the unused, empty spaces

Many amateur formats are dominated by crazy angles.
Get a neglected plant or a meaningless statue as an interpretation.

Or, what I see happening too often, furniture is crammed into corners. This leaves empty space between the various living areas.
Do not do this!

Give those empty corners a function. Make it a cozy closet. Pull through your counter top.
And take that furniture off the wall. Give them air.
And give those empty square meters a function.

Tip 4

Show guts

Many growers are afraid. Afraid to choose.
To break through a load-bearing wall.
To place a large facade.
Safe sometimes seems better.

While showing guts often results in a nicer house.

So dare!

Do you doubt too much? And don’t you dare to take the step?
Then make sure you get an insight into what your house can look like.
With a 3d for example.
That gives you a good idea of ​​what your house can look like, so that you can make better choices.

Tip 5

Look at your home as a whole

Many renovators are inclined to tackle their renovation per room
A new open kitchen, for example, without looking at the rest of your living space (so that you can later look at the dirty dishes from your couch).
Giving your toilet a makeover without choosing materials that match the overall style for your home (so that in 5 years you will have a mishmash of different, mismatched colours, floors and furniture).

Always think from a total plan for your home.
Even if you grow in steps.
That gives peace and creates unity.

Those were the first 5 tips.

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