1 – In search of hidden space

Hidden space. That is what I always look for myself, with every renovation.

How can you organize your house in such a way that you can use useless square meters in your living space.
This way you make optimal use of the space in your home.

It may be an option to involve the hall, your garage or utility room in the living space.
Illogically large spaces that are full of clutter.
By arranging them in a more functional way, you may be able to take advantage of those few square meters that you miss in your kitchen or living room.
This means that the kitchen island can be placed at once.
Or is a large living sofa still possible.

2- minimize traffic space

It may sound crazy, but movement in the house needs a lot of space.
A walking route determines how you move through your house.
For example, think of a very long hall – it’s all meters that you only use to walk through.
By making the surface of this route smaller, you gain square meters.

A door can also be in the wrong place, so that the ‘walking line’ runs right through a room.
You often see this in living rooms.
By relocating the door, you bring logic back into the routing.
The living room feels more spacious.

3- flip the layout upside down

Oops, I can already see you scared. Upside down layout?

Many renovators get stuck in the current layout of their home.
It is often decided to keep the functions in the same place.
But who forces you to stick to that?

The housing needs of today are very different from those of years ago.
Kitchens, for example, have been given a much more prominent place in the home.
Where the kitchen used to be separated from the rest of the house, we now often want to live in it.
This affects the space a kitchen takes up.

It can pay off to switch kitchen and living room, for example.
Check it out!

In short….

Find out if there are possibilities within the walls of your house before you decide to add an extension to your house.
You may find opportunities you hadn’t seen before.
And you can involve hidden or useless square meters in your living space.
This way you keep your garden intact.
And you save on the costs of a renovation.

Do you struggle with the layout of your home?

Don’t see what exactly is possible?
Do you get stuck in the same ideas and don’t get any further with them?
Or are you unsure of the right solution?

I can certainly help you further!
For example with a consultation.
You will receive 3 different layouts for your renovation in an accessible way.
So that you can take your plans one step further quickly and without effort.

Click here for more information

Doing! This way you really get the best out of your renovation!



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