Yes, the renovation can start!
The plans have been worked out so the contractor can get to work.
So nice if you know in advance exactly what your house will look like.
So that there are no more question marks. Everything has been thought about and everything is on paper.

Mmmmmm… I hear you think. On paper?
I have a lot on my mind, yes.
In fact, all those ideas make me dizzy.
Let alone anything on paper….

Yes, that vague sketch from the other day.
Which I actually have my doubts about.
I’m already nervous at the thought of having to work with a contractor like this.
While it’s not really clear to me yet if I really want it that way…
The contractor says it will be fine. (And my husband too….)
But how do I know if it will be the way I want it???
Do you recognize this?
Then it’s time for action. Real. It’s high time even.
Take control. And make sure you realize that smashing house.
The dream.
What really makes you happy.

Where to start?
First, make sure you understand all the steps you need to take before the contractor sets foot inside.
So that you can develop all your ideas step by step into one sound plan.
What makes your heart beat faster.
And you can’t wait for that renovation so full of inspiration and with jitters in your stomach.

Do you feel a YES!!!
Register quickly for the online masterclass From Pinterest to Plan – a beautiful design for your renovation in 5 steps.
So that you immediately gain insight into how you can shape your renovation plan down to the last detail.
Do it!

You register with this link

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